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Patient confusion costs billions a year: What hospitals can do

From payors to providers, there are a lot of levels to health care. Patients often complain about the healthcare industry being difficult to navigate, and their confusion can be expensive. 

Keys to developing cultural sensitivity in your facility

The rise of diversity within the hospital setting can be positive for patients and providers, but it comes with some challenges as well. Cultural differences mean patients may respond differently to traditional treatment methods or the usual routines, so sensitivity is required from all clinical staff. 

Hospital isolation procedures: Best ways to communicate with patients, families

Patients who require isolation during their hospital stay may become depressed and agitated, which can adversely affect their recovery – not to mention patient satisfaction scores. But with the right communication tools, this problem can be avoided.

Impact patient care and satisfaction with these 5 tips

Small changes can mean big results. Take, for example, the nurse-driven initiative to boost customer service and patient care that’s making a big impact at one Atlanta facility. 

Mayo Clinic finds proactive aftercare will slash patient readmissions

With federal payors docking payments to hospitals for early readmissions, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found aggressive aftercare strategies can slash patient re-hospitalization rates by 20%.

Medication errors often kept under wraps in hospitals

New research suggests that medication errors happen fairly often in hospitals, particularly in the intensive care unit (ICU) – and most hospitals aren’t completely transparent about them with patients or staff members.

Study finds link between readmissions and patient satisfaction

One new study finds a direct link between two crucial metrics in determining a hospital’s quality of care: patient satisfaction scores and readmissions rates.

What really happens when patients and docs email each other?

More doctors are using email to communicate with patients — and now we have an idea what the typical exchange looks like.

Hospital offers apology, but still no kidney, after transplant was denied

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has released a statement apologizing to the family of a three-year old on whom it refused to perform a kidney transplant.

Guess the procedure cost, win a prize!

In news that will come as a surprise to no one, a new study shows it’s essentially impossible for patients to find out in advance what a particular procedure or treatment will cost them.