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Top 10 Healthcare Business & Technology Stories of 2015

2015 was definitely a year full of transitions for hospitals – value-based payments, patient-centered care, ICD-10. And while keeping up with these changes wasn’t easy, a number of facilities have made strides in reducing hospital acquired infections and readmissions. But be prepared, the focus on these issues isn’t going to fade away in 2016. Before we […] [MORE]

Patient satisfaction: High-performing hospitals share simple best practices

Just like any other business, hospitals are competing for customers. And the ones that seem to be coming out on top are those with a patient-centered care focus. So how do high-performing hospitals get that way? 

Can patient navigators lead to better engagement?

As the healthcare industry focuses more on providing high-quality, patient-centered care, effective engagement with patients is more important than ever. Thankfully, patient navigators can help. 

Put your heart into delivering patient-centered care

“Patients come to us for high quality care — but they don’t like us very much.” That was the sentiment of Cleveland Clinic’s CEO, Dr. Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, when he took the reins at the Ohio mega-healthcare system 10 years ago. 

What ‘patient-centered care’ might mean for your hospital

The healthcare industry may be changing rapidly, but the drive to improve care quality for patients has remained a constant concern for many federal and private organizations. Here’s how you can keep your facility focused on your patients. 

Why patient-centered health IT is crucial for hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare systems need to take greater strides toward making health IT more patient-centered, according to a government agency.

Why unrestricted visiting hours may work wonders at your hospital

Hospitals looking to improve their quality of care and reputation among patients should consider expanding their visiting hours, according to a new study.

Patient engagement: Nurses critical to patient-centered care practices

Doctors are an integral part of the team, no doubt about it. But your nurses are the ones that can make or break a good hospital experience that leads to positive outcomes.

Engaged patients = Faster recoveries, shorter hospital stays

Studies have shown that engaged patients — those who actively participate in their care — are more likely to achieve better outcomes.

Hospital shares 10 steps to patient-centered care

Last year, Mountain States Healthcare Alliance (MSHA) received the 2012 National Quality Healthcare Award from the National Quality Forum (NAF). The award is given to an “exemplary healthcare organization” that has achieved a number of quality focused goals and achievements. MSHA’s major achievement was providing patient-centered care and achieving better outcomes at lower costs.