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3 ways organizations can embrace the future of population health

“Population health” has evolved into a health management concept that can help improve patient outcomes. For facilities that haven’t hopped on the population health bandwagon yet, Marc Helberg, managing VP of a consulting firm, provides three tips that can help them understand what goals they should aim for and what technologies they should incorporate.

C-sections: Reducing rates, improving outcomes

C-section rates are consistently high for American mothers, and groups like the World Health Organization (WHO) have tasked hospitals with keeping expectant mothers safe. Various interventions can be effective in reducing the rates of C-sections and minimizing complications for mothers who do have them. 

Hospital shares 10 steps to patient-centered care

Last year, Mountain States Healthcare Alliance (MSHA) received the 2012 National Quality Healthcare Award from the National Quality Forum (NAF). The award is given to an “exemplary healthcare organization” that has achieved a number of quality focused goals and achievements. MSHA’s major achievement was providing patient-centered care and achieving better outcomes at lower costs.

Partnership with carrier improves patient outcomes

Collaboration to improve patient outcomes is becoming the norm for hospitals. Some hospitals have even forged partnerships with an unlikely source – private insurance carriers.