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Opening doors in OR increases infection risks

It’s critical to remind your operating room staff to be mindful of how often they leave the area during surgery. Research shows the risk a patient has for contracting a post-operative infection increases each time the OR door opens. 

Are cell phones a help or hindrance in OR?

Most hospitals don’t have a formal policy on the use of cellar devices in the operating room (OR). And according to industry experts, if you’re one of them, the time to create a policy is now. 

Hand sanitizer dispensers: Studies reveal two ways to cut down contamination rate in OR

Believe it or not, two common-sense remedies — cleaning hand sanitizer dispensers and giving healthcare workers their own hand gel — are two ways hospitals can significantly lower their contamination rate in operating rooms (OR).

Study: ORs are overworked, but health IT can help

Most hospitals’ operating rooms are struggling to cut costs and keep up with growing case loads. But many are turning to health IT for help. 

Common sense measures can save hospitals big bucks

Hospitals could be losing tens of thousands of dollars a year needlessly.

Surgeons playing video games in the OR

If you see a doctor in the OR playing video games, don’t assume he’s goofing off — it may actually be part of the procedure.

Study: Shorter hours hurt resident training

Despite claims that shortening residents’ hours would improve both their training and patient care, a recent study suggests the opposite is true.

Missing OR equipment? Better check eBay

When things get tough, the tough — steal medical equipment and sell it on eBay?

‘If it’s a mastectomy, play Mozart; Bach for the bowels’

It’s no secret most surgeons like to play music in the operating room. Now someone is finally studying if different types of music can impact how well those docs perform.