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Recent settlements show cost of HIPAA violations

The feds are constantly on the lookout for HIPAA violations – and one high-profile case involving a reality show filmed at a hospital shows just how costly they can be for facilities. 

4 HIPAA compliance areas your BAs must check

It finally looks like the feds are starting up the next phase of HIPAA audits — but there’s still time to ensure your business associates (BAs) are staying compliant. 

Get ready: Breaches and HIPAA fines are increasing

Prepare for a perfect storm — data breaches are on the rise and so are the costs of HIPAA violations. 

What’s the OCR planning for hospitals in 2015?

Finally, some good news for hospitals worried about new HIPAA audits and enforcement from the Department of Health and Human Services. 

HIPAA audits delayed — but this compliance risk for hospitals is still lurking

There’s good and bad news for providers who were stressed about the upcoming HIPAA audits. The good news: There’s more time to ensure compliance. The bad news: You might still be at risk through an outside factor. 

Is your hospital ready for the next round of HIPAA audits?

HIPAA audits are starting up again soon, but the changes in phase 2 of the program could shake up healthcare facilities that aren’t prepared.

Is your hospital ready for even more HIPAA enforcement?

Hospitals will have to step up their HIPAA compliance efforts because the coming year will see a massive crackdown on violators by federal regulators. 

Most providers aren’t ready for HIPAA audits

The federal government has begun auditing healthcare organizations to find HIPAA violations – however, a new survey shows most providers aren’t ready.