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Could surgery cure diabetes?

Curing diabetes is a long-held — and thus far, impossible to achieve — goal of the medical community. New research indicates that, as unlikely as it sounds, surgery just might be the answer. 

Paula Deen announces she has diabetes, will continue to cook with pounds of butter

Popular TV chef/restauranteur Paula Deen is under fire following her announcement that she has diabetes — and has signed a deal to promote a diabetes drug.

Promising new drug ‘starves’ fat cells until they’re gone

A drug with an entirely new approach to fat reduction is showing signs of promise.

Obesity study weighs willpower against hormones

Hormonal fluctuations may mean more than just will power or discipline when it comes to successfully losing weight.

Paging Dr. Joker: No fat jokes about patients

It may have seemed like a good idea to mock obese patients in print, but one surgeon-turned-comedian discovered the joke was on him.

Gastric bypass leads to weight loss for entire family

Gastric bypass surgery — and the improved health habits that generally come with it — benefit not just the patient receiving it, but their entire family. 

Woman sues after weight loss surgery leaves her a double amputee

Allegations of improper care following gastric bypass surgery are at the root of a patient’s lawsuit.

Most practices falling short of helping curb obesity

Patients have a responsibility to manage their own health. But a new report indicates that there’s a lot more most doctors could be doing to help them.

Study: Obesity solution isn’t as simple as ‘calories in, calories out’

What we eat is as important as how much of it we eat, if a new study is to be believed.

Women’s life expectancy starting to slip

The longer life expectancy women have long enjoyed is starting to fade — and due mostly to entirely preventable reasons.