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Nutrition plays big role in patient outcomes

Nutrition is an essential part of patients’ recovery, and many hospitals are realizing it’s a good idea to work with patients to increase their knowledge of nutrition and access to healthy foods. New research shows providing better nutrition care directly improves patients’ outcomes after hospital stays. 

Hospital food just might be killing you

Most people don’t rave about the taste of hospital food, but if they’re smart they’ll be more concerned about the nutrition.

Paula Deen announces she has diabetes, will continue to cook with pounds of butter

Popular TV chef/restauranteur Paula Deen is under fire following her announcement that she has diabetes — and has signed a deal to promote a diabetes drug.

Gastric bypass leads to weight loss for entire family

Gastric bypass surgery — and the improved health habits that generally come with it — benefit not just the patient receiving it, but their entire family. 

Study: Obesity solution isn’t as simple as ‘calories in, calories out’

What we eat is as important as how much of it we eat, if a new study is to be believed.

Toss the food pyramid, pass the food plate

The USDA is tossing the long-standing food pyramid of nutritional advice and replacing it with a… plate?

USDA to America: Eat less!

USDA, along with HHS, has released the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and the advice is blunt: Most people need to eat less.

Nutritionist loses 27 pounds on Twinkie and Oreo diet — no, really

A professor’s experiment with the so-called “convenience store diet” had some surprising results. But no one’s recommending this plan as a substitute for Weight Watchers.