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New rule would require hospitals to give patients more data about nursing homes

Traditionally, hospitals haven’t provided patients with much information about the quality of any nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities where they may end up after discharge. But a proposed rule may place more responsibility on hospitals in this regard. 

New Medicare payment models may put an end to observation care

Observation care penalties are a major thorn in the side of hospitals and their patients. But there’s good news: Medicare officials are allowing patients at dozens of facilities across the country to participate in pilot projects that exempt them from the observation requirements. 

Health pro faces charges after posting patient photo on Facebook

Apparently some employees need a reminder: Don’t post photos of your patients’ genitals on Facebook.

Latest horror in nursing homes raises questions about regulation

Two nursing homes are under investigation after some residents were found in horrific conditions.

Want the most depressing job? Work in health care!

Who’s got the most depressing job in the world? It might be you.

Nurse diluted morphine intended for nursing home patients

What’s a little painkiller sharing between friends? Or between patients and their nurses who have a history of drug abuse?

Nursing home slapped with $670M penalty for understaffing

A lawsuit over the number of hours of care nursing home residents received has concluded with a hefty verdict against the home.

Does Grandma need GPS for her walker?

Dementia patients wandering off has been a growing problem for hospitals, nursing homes and patient families. A new service designed to keep track of at-risk patients might be worth looking into.

Nightmare at the nursing home shines light on geriatric care crisis

A 100-year-old woman was allegedly strangled by her roommate at a nursing center — just steps from the nurses’ station. Could staff have prevented it?