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Study: EHRs improve nursing care

A new study says use of electronic health records consistently leads to improvements in nursing care and patient outcomes. 

New York nurses negotiate settlement to avoid strike

Nurses at one New York City hospital avoided an impending strike after reaching a new collective bargaining agreement to be voted on in January. However, negotiations are still ongoing at two other major hospitals in the city. 

Report: Nursing will have to change to keep up with health reform

A  new report says that as health reform changes the way medicine is practiced in the U.S., what nurses do — and how they are trained to do it — must change in order to keep up.

What does a nurse’s proper ‘bedside manner’ include?

You’d think this would go without saying: Nurses’ duties don’t include providing certain intimate “services” to patients.

Union membership growing among health care workers

A number of factors are fueling a surge of health care workers moving to union ranks.