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Implement new hospital protcols with the least amount of resistance

Nowadays, there are a lot of changes and new protocols being implemented at hospitals all around the country. Reason: The healthcare industry is in a state of flux with the Affordable Care Act. And let’s face it, very few people like change. So how can you create a change at your facility with as little […] [MORE]

Nurses demand hospital halt EHR implementation

It’s critical to get clinicians on board when adopting a new health IT system. At one hospital, nurses are rebelling against the organization’s plan for deploying EHRs and are demanding the implementation be delayed. 

Patient engagement: Nurses critical to patient-centered care practices

Doctors are an integral part of the team, no doubt about it. But your nurses are the ones that can make or break a good hospital experience that leads to positive outcomes.

Expert tip: Listen to nurses when implementing an EHR

One healthcare organization has advice for others that are currently shopping around for an EHR system: Make sure you pay close attention to the opinions of the people who will spend the most time using EHRs. 

Nurses’ perceptions of patient care mirror reality at hospitals

If you want an accurate indication of how your hospital’s doing, just ask your nurses.

Floating fixed nurses: Strategies that work

One key to a positive patient experience is a low nurse-to-patient ratio. But as you know, patient volumes fluctuate. So how can you keep nurses busy, but not so busy that patient care suffers? Floating fixed nurses.

Prevent lifting injuries and get patients better, faster

A priority for most hospital executives is to get patients better faster and keep them from being readmitted. One way to do that is to prevent lifting injuries in nurses.

Nurse burnout increases likelihood of infection

A new study shows the negative effects that “burned-out” nurses can have on a hospital’s quality of care.

New approach to nursing boosts patient care

Nurses spend about 75% of their shift away from patients. If hospitals increase the amount of time their nurses spend with patients, they lower their number of patient falls and bed sores  — and increase both patients’ and nurses’ satisfaction levels.

Anesthesia administration: Court will decide who can do it

Should nurses be allowed to administer anesthesia without a doctor’s supervision?