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‘Renewal rooms’ fight nurse burnout, stress

Your nurses do a great job of caring for patients. But they can also become fatigued, fast – and not just physically. Burnout and stress can negatively affect how well nurses perform each day. Hospitals need to do what they can to help their nurses maintain their emotional health. 

Nurses feel stressed & bullied: Here’s how to stop it

Bad news: Many of your hospital’s nurses are likely feeling stressed and bullied during their shifts. That can negatively affect the quality of patient care. But with a few targeted interventions, hospitals can make life much better for their nurses. 

Avoid big legal issues with nurses’ shifts, overtime

When it comes to the legal rights of nurses and other hospital staff during the work day, there are several huge pitfalls hospitals must avoid. Two recent cases demonstrate why hospitals need to be careful when scheduling nurses for overtime and making sure they’re paid properly for their work. 

2 unique stress busters to keep nurses focused, calm

To help them manage their stress, some nurses are turning to two unique methods — mindfulness and chaos theory. 

No. 1 threat to your nurses: Injuries from lifting patients

Much has been said about making hospitals healthier for staff. And facilities have made strides in several areas, including providing staff with healthier food and more relaxing break rooms to fight fatigue and burnout. But hospitals need to do more about addressing another significant hazard to nurses’ health and wellbeing: workplace injuries from lifting patients.

Boost retention of ICU nurses: Here’s how

ICU nurses currently have high rates of turnover and burnout. One new study gives insight into how hospitals can avoid this phenomenon.

Your nurses may hate your hospital’s EHR: Here’s why

While most talk about electronic health record (EHR) systems has centered on doctors’ troubles with adapting to them, hospital nurses are also having major difficulties with EHRs.

How your nurses can make up for your physician shortages

Many hospitals are struggling with a shortage of primary care providers, but there’s a way they can make up the difference: giving more responsibilities to their nurses. 

Study: Do Magnet hospitals provide better care than other facilities?

Want to improve your patient care and enhance transparency? If so, then there’s one thing your facility needs to do — get Magnet accreditation.

Patient falls: How to prevent them

A new study in the Journal of Patient Safety says that the number of medical mistakes that lead to a hospital patient’s death is much higher than previously thought. Now, it’s estimated that between 210,000 and 440,000 hospital patients suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death — one of them being […] [MORE]