Healthcare News & Insights

Removing blame increases error reporting

New research indicates that certain ways of tracking medical error reports are more successful at encouraging people to make reports.

AMA study: Most cities lack competitive insurance markets

Most people live in areas without a competitive market for health insurance.

Mom claims she lost custody of her kids due to cancer

A woman fighting Stage 4 cancer says her diagnosis was unfairly used against her in a child custody case.

First free-standing post-partum depression clinic

When the typical baby blues turn into something more serious, new moms often struggle to find a place to get help. Now there’s one more option.

Black mens’ death rates better in prison than out of it

No one’s going to mistake a stretch in a supermax prison for a week at a spa, but for some prisoners, the health benefits might be the same.

Study: Hospitals falling short at keeping patients safe

A new report indicates that despite all the efforts into reducing medical errors and improving patient safety, we’ve made no progress.

Report: Doctors’ lack of ‘sensitivity’ may cause more strokes in some patients

Could lack of “multicultural awareness” be putting black patients at more risk for stroke?

Docs perform C-section on woman who wasn’t pregnant

There’s a lot of debate about whether C-sections are used too frequently. Performing one on a woman who’s not even pregnant takes that discussion to a whole new level.

Report: 275k to die due to lack of health insurance

A new report gives hard numbers for the steepest price of all the “costs” discussed in the health reform debate.