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Quiet down! Lower noise levels positively impact critical care patients

High noise levels might be good for a concert or baseball game, but they’re not conducive to a healing hospital environment. The constant humming and droning of machines, the chatter of nurses and family members, and even the soap operas on patient TVs can all impact patients’ recovery. 

Hospital noise is top complaint for just about everyone: What to do

Hospitals are notoriously noisy places, from beeping machines to overhead announcements. That noise level can be distracting and annoying for not just patients, but staff members and visitors, too. 

Noise control: How hospitals are keeping patients happy and healthy

Sure, you work in a hospital, but have you ever spent the night in one as a patient or the family member of a patient? If so, then you probably know what gets the worst marks on patient surveys … noise.

Sssh! Hospitals learn reducing noise eases stress on patients and staff

New trends in hospital design and scheduling are slashing noise levels. Result: Fewer stressed-out staffers and patients.

Improved patient care: As simple as moving the trash bin

New research indicates some very basic solutions to a lingering patient complaint: Too much noise in hospitals.