Healthcare News & Insights

One hospital’s approach to saving costs when treating mentally ill patients

Hospitals across the country are taking steps to control one costly aspect of care: treating mentally ill patients in the emergency department.

Report: Patient abuse goes unreported, undisciplined

Employees who abused developmentally disabled patients in state-run group homes faced few consequences. In most cases they were simply transferred to other facilities.

The waiting room wars: Patients strike back

Patients hate the sometimes interminable wait to see the doctor. And now they’re looking for ways to punish tardy docs. It sounds fair — but is it really?

Why are some docs now referring patients to lawyers?

Just how comprehensive should health care be? New programs that marry medical care and legal aid are changing how the two disciplines interact.

Feds not friendly toward pot research

Whether or not you’re in favor of wider legalization of medical marijuana, few would argue against more research into potential medical uses for derivatives of the plant. But the feds won’t allow it.

Drug prices rising even more sharply

Prices for brand name prescriptions are increasing 9% on average this year — hot on the heels of industry promises to help slash prescription costs by $8 billion.

Vote & Vaccine: Key to preventing the next epidemic?

Avoiding the next epidemic could be as simple as vaccinating people at their polling places.