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Will ruling force NJ hospital to pay millions in property taxes?

A recent ruling by the Tax Court of New Jersey, has hospital executives a little on edge wondering if this could set a precedent beyond the state. 

Disabled vet blows lid off multi-million dollar Medicaid fraud

For his efforts uncovering a Medicaid fraud that the government couldn’t, the veteran pocketed a $15 million whistle blower payout.

Doc stabbed little girl with a screwdriver over chores — seriously

An allergist has had her license suspended after she was accused of stabbing a young girl 100 times with a screwdriver.

Doc illegally prescribed steroids for local cops, taxpayers paid the bill

A doctor and several police officers appear to have engaged in a double breach of public trust.

New Jersey sued for alleged mistreatment of psych patients

One advocacy group is suing the state for violating patient rights.

Yet another huge patient data breach…

When will workers learn: Unencrypted patient data on a laptop is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Missing OR equipment? Better check eBay

When things get tough, the tough — steal medical equipment and sell it on eBay?