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Adverse events declining for patients, but there’s still a way to go

A recent study offers hospitals some good news about patient safety: Rates of adverse events for patients with certain conditions are on the decline.

Study: Checklist helps surgical teams if a medical crisis occurs

Research has suggested that using a safety checklist helps reduce the risk of infection in patients. Now, there’s proof that such checklists are also effective in mitigating the effects of surgical crises.

Study: Treatment had 94% cure rate in treating clostridium difficile

Running a hospital, you’re very familiar with the fact that over the past few year, Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infections have become more frequent, more severe and more difficult to treat. That’s a big problem for hospitals since tens of thousands of people in the United States get sick from C. diff each year, and […] [MORE]

Could surgery cure diabetes?

Curing diabetes is a long-held — and thus far, impossible to achieve — goal of the medical community. New research indicates that, as unlikely as it sounds, surgery just might be the answer. 

Controversy: Docs argue active alcoholics should be on transplant lists

A group of doctors is advocating allowing alcoholics to get liver transplants even if they can’t prove that they can stay sober for six months.

Obesity study weighs willpower against hormones

Hormonal fluctuations may mean more than just will power or discipline when it comes to successfully losing weight.

Report: Docs should count on being sued at some point

It’s a virtual guarantee that physicians in the U.S. will be sued for malpractice at some point in their careers. How often they lose is a different matter.

Study: Obesity solution isn’t as simple as ‘calories in, calories out’

What we eat is as important as how much of it we eat, if a new study is to be believed.

Benefits of nurse staffing levels vary by type of hospital

While a high nurse staffing level is generally a good goal, some facilities get more of a quality boost from it than others.

Proof: Short staffing leads to deaths

Lower staffing levels can contribute directly to patient mortality, according to new research.