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Endpoint Rx: Healthcare delivery requires secure mobile technology

Innovative healthcare delivery powered by mobile technology is just what the doctor ordered. In 1930, 40% of physician visits happened in the patient’s home, but by 1980, only 1% of appointments were house calls. Many factors are now driving an upswing in mobile, remote and home health care: an aging population, technology advances, ACA-related insurance […] [MORE]

Unencrypted backup tapes, hard drives and laptop stolen from health employee’s car

Any time data goes mobile, there’s a risk of a data breach. That’s what this company learned after several pieces of IT equipment were stolen from an employee’s car. 

Survey: Patients aren’t using technology to track their health

Patients are using technology to research health conditions and options, but there’s something they aren’t doing that maybe they should: 

Online and mobile health tools aren’t adopted, despite benefits

According to a new report, doctors and their patients aren’t taking advantage of the online health tools that are available to help improve care. 

Do doctors trust mobile apps for healthcare?

Many mobile applications are being developed to help people better manage their health. But how do doctors, nurses and other clinicians feel about their patients relying on those apps? 

85% of hospitals allow personal devices for doctors and staff

More doctors and hospital employees are starting to bring their own mobile devices into work. Most IT departments are supporting those gadgets – but with some controls in place.