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FDA releases rules on mobile health apps

As mobile health apps have become more popular, some tools have appeared that could do more harm than good for patients. But now there’s some good news: The Food and Drug Administration has created guidelines for apps to help keep patients safe. 

IT-related compliance challenges in the new HIPAA rules

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently published updated HIPAA regulations that will be put in place this month. Here’s how hospitals’ IT operations might be affected. 

Mobile health apps create privacy risk, study says

Patients want to use smartphones and tablets to help manage their own health. However, a lot of popular mobile health apps create privacy and other risks. 

Patients want health care on their smartphones

Health IT isn’t just giving hospitals more ways to use technology to treat patients. Patients are also interested in using tech tools to manage their own care. 

One key lesson for BYOD programs in health care

Along with nearly every other industry, more hospitals and other healthcare providers are letting employees bring in their own personal mobile devices. That’s creating several new risks for those organizations. 

Choosing the best tablets for doctors: 3 keys

As demand for tablet PCs grows among healthcare professionals, hospitals will want to make sure they’re choosing the best tablets for doctors. 

Top 3 BYOD policy mistakes healthcare organizations make

Healthcare employees are bringing personal devices to work – whether their employers say it’s OK or not. That’s why security experts say it’s critical to create an effective BYOD policy. 

Hospital suffers two data breaches due to stolen computing devices

While there’s some debate over the best ways to secure sensitive data, IT security experts can at least agree on one key element of a healthcare data security plan: 

Most patients worry about doctors’ mobile devices

Health IT pros have a lot of concerns about the security of data when it’s held on clinicians’ personal mobile devices. But there’s another group out there that might share in IT’s worries about BYOD security: 

Top 3 causes of healthcare data breaches

Data breaches affecting patient information declined in 2012 – however, there’s still a lot of work to be done. What are biggest IT security areas healthcare organizations should focus on in 2013?