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5 ways mobile tech is transforming health care

Thanks to changing healthcare regulations, shifting payment models, and a proliferation of mobile and web applications connecting caregivers and patients, health care has become a hotbed for innovation. In particular, the use of mobile apps in health care has skyrocketed. In this guest post, Kevin Yamazaki, founder and CEO of a digital product and venture studio that […] [MORE]

How to Incorporate Real-Time Technology Into Your Health Organization

Today, doctor-patient communication is infrequent and asynchronous. Most people have one conversation with their doctors per year, and the average Millennial consults even less frequently. To provide quality care, doctors need better and more frequent patient medical data. In this guest post, Derek Frome, director of product marketing and content at a HIPAA-compliant data stream network, offers new ways […] [MORE]

mHealth offers population health benefits — and pitfalls

Advances in mobile health technology are giving providers new tools to track patients’ symptoms and improve care — but experts warn mHealth comes with its own kind of pitfalls. 

Should hospitals stop focusing on IT innovation?

Is it time for hospitals to invest more in health IT safety and security than they do on new IT tools and innovation? One leader says yes. 

iPhone 5s expands possibilities for mobile health apps

Demand is growing for mobile health apps and other tools patients can use to manage their own care. And a feature in the iPhone 5s could lead to the development of even more of those apps. 

Most patients forget medication – how mobile apps can help

As smartphones and tablets become more popular, a new report shows the potential those devices have for improving health care. 

Mobile health apps create privacy risk, study says

Patients want to use smartphones and tablets to help manage their own health. However, a lot of popular mobile health apps create privacy and other risks. 

Malpractice: There’s an app for that?

Some of the simplest technological tools can open the door to significant malpractice claims.

Mental health: There’s an app for that

The latest treatment for a variety of mental illnesses may be as close as a patient’s phone.