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Three critical IT risks to avoid in mergers

Successful healthcare mergers depend on the successful fusion of IT systems. In this guest post, William Tanenbaum, leader of the healthcare IT practice at a law firm, focuses on three critical risks in merging IT systems: cyber security, exceeding the scope of software licenses and transition service agreements. 

How mergers may affect care, competition and bottom lines

More providers and payors are considering mergers and acquisitions, consolidating operations to boost revenue and save costs. But could the trend actually lead to more trouble for hospitals and patients? 

How will hospitals benefit from provider-insurer mergers?

Health system mergers are becoming more common — some systems are even acquiring health insurers so they can offer patients their own health plans. But what effects come with a hospital-insurer merger? 

Supreme Court puts the kabosh on Georgia hospital merger

If you’re keeping score, it’s the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 1 and hospital mergers 0, thanks to the Supreme Court. In a unanimous decision, it upheld an FTC challenge that contested the merger of the only two hospitals in Albany, GA.

2012 outlook: real estate, construction and mergers on the increase

Here’s another sign of a rosier outlook for health care in the next few years: Industry experts expect to see more activity in construction and mergers. 

5 top ways hospitals are cutting costs

Reducing health care costs is going to take a multi-prong approach. Here are the top five ways the industry is expected to respond.

Health care M&A at all time high

Here’s yet another indicator that, as an industry, health care is holding up better than most in this economic environment.