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Next coronavirus curve to flatten: Managing your staff’s mental health

Your staff has been going above and beyond for more than two solid months treating cases of COVID-19 and containing community spread of the coronavirus. But it may be coming at the cost of their mental well-being. 

How ‘community paramedics’ help hospitals

Emergency departments are consistently crowded. Patients who have fewer health resources visit the ED with all kinds of problems that may not always be emergencies. Several hospitals and health systems are trying to cut back on ED overcrowding in various ways – including working closely with emergency medical services (EMS) teams to better direct patients […] [MORE]

5 ways mobile tech is transforming health care

Thanks to changing healthcare regulations, shifting payment models, and a proliferation of mobile and web applications connecting caregivers and patients, health care has become a hotbed for innovation. In particular, the use of mobile apps in health care has skyrocketed. In this guest post, Kevin Yamazaki, founder and CEO of a digital product and venture studio that […] [MORE]

More hospitals using onsite psychiatrists to treat mental illness

Even if the reason for their admission to the hospital isn’t directly related, many patients come to the hospital with mental illnesses. When coupled with other diseases, they can have a negative effect on a person’s recovery, leading to poor outcomes and readmissions. 

Are mental health patients costing your ED big bucks?

There is one group of patients who visit your emergency department (ED) that can cause your costs to soar. Problem is, this group really doesn’t have a lot of choices available to them for treatment. Who are they?

Pivotal care that drastically cuts emergency room overuse

Reducing costs is at the top of all health executives’ minds — more so now than ever before since hospitals are facing a possible 1% Medicare pay cut  for high readmission rates starting in October. So where do you begin?

Report: 1 in 5 Americans are mentally ill

The latest report on mental health care in America is enough to make anyone depressed.

Overcrowded hospitals lead to depressed nurses

New research shows overcrowded hospital units can negatively impact the health of employees working in them.

Mental health: There’s an app for that

The latest treatment for a variety of mental illnesses may be as close as a patient’s phone.

Unemployment & mental health: The next epidemic?

There’s another epidemic on the horizon, and it has nothing do with the H1N1 virus.