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Medication nonadherence costs $300B annually: How to close the gap

Patients not adhering to their medications is an eternal struggle at every healthcare facility. No matter how many times you remind patients about taking their medications, picking up refills and following instructions, somehow it always slips through the cracks. 

2 tactics to get patients to pick up medication after discharge

Hospitals need to make sure patients stay healthy after they’re discharged. One aspect of that is medication management, giving them the prescriptions they need so they can take the drugs as directed. But that’s easier said than done in many cases. 

In-home pharmacist medication management cuts readmissions

Hospitals must continue to do their best to stop readmissions in patients. This includes trying more innovative approaches when following up with patients post-discharge, such as bringing providers to their homes to help them understand their medications. 

Medication safety practices: Hospitals need to up their game

How are American hospitals doing when it comes to medication safety? 

5 challenges hospitals need to tackle in 2014 and beyond

Moving into 2014, hospitals must overcome many challenges if they wish to thrive. And they all aren’t related to new healthcare reform mandates. 

Most patients forget medication – how mobile apps can help

As smartphones and tablets become more popular, a new report shows the potential those devices have for improving health care. 

Health IT can save billions with medication improvements, study says

The healthcare system loses billions of dollars a year due to prescription errors and poor medication adherence. But health IT can help, says a new report. 

Survey: Patients want text messages, mobile apps from their doctors

Despite help from new technology, doctors are missing out on opportunities to help keep their patients healthier and more satisfied, according to one recent survey. 

Promising new drug ‘starves’ fat cells until they’re gone

A drug with an entirely new approach to fat reduction is showing signs of promise.

FSA reimbursement for OTC meds is getting easier

There’s new help for patients (and even employees) who want to have their OTC medications reimbursed through health care flexible spending plans.