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Medical device threats: New frontier of cybersecurity risk

You already know your hospital’s IT infrastructure is vulnerable to data breaches, but there could be even more insidious ways for hackers to attack patients. One of those methods may involve accessing the medical devices used to treat your patients.  

Medical device security: How hospitals must tackle threats

Medical device security is a hot topic for hospitals. Most ransomware attacks target vulnerable computer equipment running older operating systems and software programs. Hacking devices may appeal to cybercriminals because they’re difficult to update. A new report shows that hospitals need to do more to protect their devices. 

FDA: Hospitals must improve reporting of medical device issues

As a result of several issues with medical devices causing the spread of illnesses and infections in hospitals, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling attention to facilities’ obligations for reporting harmful incidents involving devices. 

Your medical devices are vulnerable to newest security threat

Cybersecurity is crucial for hospitals, especially regarding the medical devices your facility uses every day. Unfortunately, protecting these devices from hackers and attacks can be tricky, and tactics used to gain unauthorized access are growing more complicated and complex. 

Why medical device security should be top priority

While it’s not common just yet, hacking medical devices is poised to be one of the most significant security threats your hospital will face in the near future. And facilities that don’t start protecting themselves now could experience big problems. 

Prepare for another cybersecurity threat

New cybersecurity vulnerabilities are threatening hospitals’ mobile health (mHealth) devices. 

Control rising hospital costs by analyzing the supply chain

With increased scrutiny being placed on the cost of health care, controlling rising healthcare costs should be of utmost importance to hospitals. One area where inefficiencies are a significant contributing factor to climbing costs is the hospital supply chain.

Warning: 300 medical devices vulnerable to attacks

Recently, observers have warned that medical devices may be open to IT security attacks. And now, the Department of Homeland Security has released a warning that roughly 300 devices may contain a serious vulnerability. 

Medical device excise tax: Is it being passed on to your hospital?

Your hospital may want to check its bills from medical device companies. There may be an extra charge on them from the new medical device excise tax that you aren’t responsible for. 

3 health IT hazards that threaten patient safety

Though EHRs and other health IT systems can improve care, they could have a negative impact on patient safety if they aren’t properly designed, implemented and used.