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Why do bad doctors go unpunished?

What kind of discipline do doctors face when they commit serious violations of patient safety? In many cases, nothing at all.

Octomom’s fertility doc loses license

Perhaps implanting 12 embryos into a near-destitute woman who already had six children wasn’t the best career move.

Doc disciplined, fined over Facebook posts

A Rhode Island doctor was fined, disciplined and lost some hospital privileges after she inadvertently shared patient info on her Facebook page.

Report: Most docs’ misdeeds go unpunished by state med boards

More than half of doctors who were sanctioned by their own hospitals weren’t penalized in any way by their state medical boards.

How far can you trust your pharma-rep doc?

A new investigation shows that doctors drug companies hire as speakers and advisers aren’t always the best and the brightest in their fields. Some of them are outright criminals.

Fraud, drug use and stalking: Just another day in the pediatric ER?

Allegations of drug abuse and stalking — just what you want in your pediatrician’s background.

Ethics in action: The death penalty and board certification

Some doctors who take part in state-ordered executions of prisoners could lose their board certifications over it.

Sure, you’re a doctor. But are you competent?

There’s a movement afoot to put doctors under more scrutiny after they get licensed to practice. Up for debate: The best way to go about it.

Which states are best, worst for disciplining docs?

Public Citizen’s Health Research Group has released its annual report of which states do the best — and worst — job of disciplining doctors who practice bad medicine.