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‘Superbug’ is spreading, now in California

Patients in California are now becoming ill with a deadly infection as the hard-to-treat superbug makes it way into health care facilities across the nation.

Yet another hospital pays to settle patient dumping allegations

A Los Angeles-area hospital is paying $125k to settle allegations that it dumped a patient at a homeless shelter.

Horrific abuse of patients — caught on tape

Videos have surfaced of at least 10 severely handicapped women being abused and sexually assaulted — apparently by those employed to protect them. 

Janitor sold patient records for cash

Recycling is great. Selling patient records to unauthorized recycling centers — not so great.

Fines adding up for hospitals that don’t protect patient data

California has assessed five hospitals a combined $675k for allowing unauthorized access to confidential patient information.

Los Angeles clamps down on medical pot

Buying medical marijuana just got a lot harder in southern California. It’s part of Los Angeles’ city-wide crackdown on suspect dispensaries.

Hospital closes NICU nurses’ impromptu nail salon

L.A. may be a looks-obsessed town, but one hospital took things a bit too far.

Medicare fraud task force expands, nabs $61M in false claims

A federal strike force announced a double-win against Medicare fraudsters:

Is the mob moving into Medicare?

Medicare fraud, a typically non-violent, white collar crime, is turning into a much more dangerous game. And any health care facility is a potential target.