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Which states are best, worst for disciplining docs?

Public Citizen’s Health Research Group has released its annual report of which states do the best — and worst — job of disciplining doctors who practice bad medicine.

Not-for-profit hospitals face new threat from states

Cash-strapped states and local governments are turning to non-profit organizations for more revenue. Many hospitals and health centers could take the brunt of it.

10 challenges that’ll keep you awake in 2010

Health reform, cost cutting and increased regulation are only three of the 10 industry-wide challenges predicted for 2010.

Regions that saw spring H1N1 outbreak spared so far

While H1N1 is officially “widespread” throughout the country, certain areas of the country are seeing less activity so far this season.

OIG: Less than half of states ready for the pandemic — is yours?

Perhaps you can never be 100% prepared for a massive health emergency. But a new OIG report indicates that many states and localities are falling well short of the mark in getting ready for a potential flu pandemic.

‘I heard the flu has a 90% death rate!’ Easing patient panic

Health care organizations are walking a fine line between dampening media-induced panic and making sure patients understand the real risks of the H1N1 flu.