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Latest Leapfrog grades: Patients in danger at low-performing hospitals

The Leapfrog Group has just released its latest Hospital Safety Grades, and while many hospitals are performing well, the facilities near the bottom of the list are still dangerous for patients – so more work must be done. 

Leapfrog Group announces 2018 Top Hospitals: Lessons you can learn

The results are in: The Leapfrog Group has just announced its Top Hospitals for 2018 – and you may want to take note of the qualities that set these facilities apart from the pack. 

Reason why safety scores may not be completely accurate

Hospitals are often judged based on their performance with safety rankings, most notably those from the Leapfrog Group. However, these “safety report cards” may have issues with accuracy for several reasons – and they could actually penalize hospitals for their honesty. 

New Leapfrog report: More work needed to prevent infections

In the battle against hospital-acquired infections, hospitals continue to make progress toward preventing them from happening, but more needs to be done. In fact, one out of every 25 patients will contract an infection in a healthcare setting. 

Too many C-sections in hospitals

The rates of hospital C-sections are higher than ever. This suggests many new mothers don’t actually need the procedure. One patient-safety group is bringing attention to this fact and calling on hospitals to make better judgments. 

Hand hygiene: Keys to compliance

The easiest way to prevent infections in patients is practicing proper hand hygiene. But hospitals across the country are missing the mark. A new report describes just how lax hand-washing practices are in many facilities – and how to improve adherence to hand-washing guidelines. 

Nursing workforce safe practices: Are hospitals doing enough?

When it comes to quality care, nurses play a vital role. They spend the most time with patients and provide the majority of clinical care. But are hospitals doing enough to support their nurses? 

6 features your hospital’s website may need soon

Because health care is becoming more consumer-driven, many hospitals are updating the services and features they offer to patients so they can stay competitive. One area where hospitals may be lacking compared to other healthcare entities: websites. 

Leapfrog Group updates hospital safety scores

The Leapfrog Group, a healthcare safety watchdog organization, has just released the fall update to its Hospital Safety Score. And while hospitals have made recent improvements, there’s still a long way to go.

Leapfrog announces 2012 top hospitals

There are many hospital executives who aren’t happy right now with The Leapfrog Group, because their hospitals got bad grades on Leapfrog’s “Hospital Safety Scores.” However, there are a lot of hospital executives who are thrilled to be on Leapfrog’s latest list: 2012 Top Hospitals.