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Posting placenta photos on Facebook? Really?

A nursing student was expelled for posting photos posing with a patient’s placenta on Facebook. Now she’s suing — and the case could have repercussions for hospitals’ employee policies. 

Nurse diluted morphine intended for nursing home patients

What’s a little painkiller sharing between friends? Or between patients and their nurses who have a history of drug abuse?

68 deaths later, doc on trial for writing bad prescriptions

Most doctors would re-examine their protocols for writing prescriptions after a few dozen patients overdosed. Not Dr. Stephen Schneider.

Hospitals charged with union-busting tactics

Efforts to form a nurse’s union at two hospitals have led to union-busting complaints by the National Labor Relations Board.

Not-for-profit hospitals face new threat from states

Cash-strapped states and local governments are turning to non-profit organizations for more revenue. Many hospitals and health centers could take the brunt of it.