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Will maximum shift duration for interns be extended to 28-hours again?

For the past five years first-year residents have been limited to working 16-hour maximum shifts. Before 2011, they were allowed to work 28-hour maximum shifts. But that was changed after a 2009 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report found that residents working 24-hour shifts were more likely to injure themselves and their patients, and had an increased […] [MORE]

Do your interns need etiquette-based communication lessons?

Research has shown physicians with a courteous bedside manner not only have better patient satisfaction scores, but they help improve their patients’ medical recovery. So now that hospital pay is being tied closely to both, you would think doctors-in training would be taught to take the time to introduce themselves to and make nice with […] [MORE]

Reducing residents’ work hours doesn’t improve patient care

It would seem to make sense that if your resident physicians worked fewer hours, they’d get more sleep,  learn more, do a better job, be happier and not be a risk to your patients. However, recent studies have proved that theory wrong.