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5 lessons learned from the failure of the federal exchange launch

By now, most people are aware that the initial launch of the federal government’s health insurance exchange website was a disaster. What exactly went wrong with the site — and what can hospitals learn from it as they work on their own IT projects?

Eye-opening study: Do all EDs treat uninsured kids equally?

You know that emergency departments must treat every person who walks through the doors seeking treatment. And you would think any sick or injured child would receive the same quality of treatments. But do they?

Concierge medicine: Who really pays?

High-end service and top-of-the-line care define so-called concierge medicine — but it comes at a steep cost. Is it worth it?

Health care spending increases slow — because no one can afford it

It was a second year of slower spending on health care. That’s not because services are more affordable, though.

Nearly 80% of payers aren’t ready for ICD-10

It’s not just hospitals and doctors’ offices that are struggling to keep up with new healthcare technology and compliance mandates. A recent study says health insurers are also being hindered by outdated IT. 

Pay a lot more, get less: What’s happening to health insurance?

A new report puts hard numbers to just how crunched the average worker is by the rising costs of health insurance. 

Guess the procedure cost, win a prize!

In news that will come as a surprise to no one, a new study shows it’s essentially impossible for patients to find out in advance what a particular procedure or treatment will cost them.

AMA study: Most cities lack competitive insurance markets

Most people live in areas without a competitive market for health insurance.

Binge drinking cost: $2 a pop

The cost to society of an individual tying an extra one on is about $2 per drink, according to a new study by the CDC.

Insurance won’t cover surgery for 100-pound scrotum

A Las Vegas man is fundraising the estimated $1M he needs for surgery to repair his enlarged scrotum.