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Embracing innovation: 6 ways to transform your hospital

As the healthcare industry continues to grow and change, many hospitals are focused on staying competitive in an increasingly crowded market. Creating a culture that embraces innovation and collaboration is one of the best ways to ensure your hospital provides excellent care, but it’s easier said than done. 

Adapt your budget to increase innovation: 3 common pitfalls to avoid

You know it as well as anyone, finding room in the budget to adopt new, innovative technology is an epic feat. Innovation just isn’t a priority when there are so many other requirements and restrictions on your cash flow, and it often doesn’t have an immediately visible impact on patient care or safety. 

How to make sure you’re innovating the right way

There’s no question that innovation in the form of new technologies can dramatically benefit health systems. But how can hospitals do it without spending precious time and money? In this guest post, Blake Marggraff, CEO of a company that offers interventions using automated phone calls or text messages to manage patients’ conditions while collecting disease […] [MORE]

CMS bestows first Healthcare Innovation Awards

Twenty-six organizations received the honor of being the first granted with the Healthcare Innovation Awards. Check out what these groups did to win a total of $122.6 million.