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Circumcision turns into amputation: What went wrong?

A patient who went into the OR for an adult circumcision and came out with a penis amputation has lost his suit against the doctor who performed the surgery.

Your surgeon was up all night — does informed consent require you know that?

An article in The New England Journal of Medicine raises an ethical question: How much information — and how often — must a patient be given to ensure they’ve given truly informed consent?

Tech tools aid in providing true informed consent

It’s not uncommon for patients to be too scared or confused to fully understand the information their doctors are giving them regarding a planned procedure. Health care providers have new tools that help both parties.

Case study: Fewer C-sections, healthier babies

While many doctors maintain that C-sections and labor induction are neccessary to ensure healthier deliveries, one Florida hospital has proven the opposite.

Nine hospitals test a radical new informed consent form

Any clinician has seen a patient’s eyes glaze over — or widen in terror — when faced with a consent form that includes dozens of potential risks ranging from infection to death. A process to better inform patients often only confuses them.

Researchers pay settlement for ‘misusing’ donated DNA

A dispute between medical researchers and an Indian tribe that agreed to have members donate DNA for study could have a significant impact on future research and what constitutes informed consent.

Fast-track organ donation: Ethics vs. efficiency

Does a new program to increase the number of organs available for donation cross an ethical line?