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Hospitals move forward with failing IT projects, report says

IT teams are no strangers to complex and difficult projects, and that’s especially the case in healthcare organizations, which are adopting EHR software and other significant systems. Unfortunately, those projects often run into problems. 

4 mistakes that lead to EHR disasters

In addition to choosing the right EHR system, it’s also important to properly plan the installation and adoption of that software. Here are some lessons learned from real-life EHR implementation disasters. 

Today’s top 4 EHR challenges – and what to do about them

EHR adoption isn’t slowing down, but that doesn’t mean hospitals are having an easy time implementing new systems. Here’s some help overcoming the top EHR challenges providers are facing now. 

Nurses demand hospital halt EHR implementation

It’s critical to get clinicians on board when adopting a new health IT system. At one hospital, nurses are rebelling against the organization’s plan for deploying EHRs and are demanding the implementation be delayed. 

8 rules your EHR vendor should follow

Several recent reports show that a lot of healthcare organizations are getting fed up with their EHR systems and vendors. One industry group has laid out some ground rules that may help turn things around. 

Choose the right EHR system the first time: 5 pitfalls to avoid

Adopting an EHR system is a big investment for hospitals. But it’s even more costly if the organization chooses the wrong system. 

3 lessons from EHR veterans

Hospitals face a number of challenges when they implement a new EHR system and may end up struggling to maintain productivity at first. But planning ahead can help overcome those obstacles. 

Expert tip: Listen to nurses when implementing an EHR

One healthcare organization has advice for others that are currently shopping around for an EHR system: Make sure you pay close attention to the opinions of the people who will spend the most time using EHRs. 

4 things doctors hate about EHRs

As more healthcare organizations are adopting electronic health records, doctors are becoming more frustrated with those EHR systems.

3 mistakes organizations make when choosing EHR systems

A recent survey says many healthcare providers are looking for a replacement EHR system. These are the mistakes they made the first time around.