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Patient with nail in brain stops to post X-ray on Facebook

Medical professionals can get in heaps of trouble for posting patient info on Facebook — but patients do it themselves happily.

Doc wins $7.6M in discrimination case

A pathologist was awarded $7.6 million from a federal jury in her suit alleging racial and gender discrimination by her employer.

Woman sues after weight loss surgery leaves her a double amputee

Allegations of improper care following gastric bypass surgery are at the root of a patient’s lawsuit.

Woman uses beef fat as Botox, dies

Complaining that her face felt on fire, a woman went to the ER after injecting rendered beef fat into her face as a Botox alternative.

States creating their own single-payer systems while feds fight out reform details

While the feds continue to figure out how to interpret the health care reform law they’ve already passed, some states are taking the matter into their own hands.

Top 10 U.S. health systems — is yours on the list?

Is your hospital part of the Top 10 health care systems in the U.S.? Read on to find out.

McDonald’s as marathon training?

One man is on a quest to train for a marathon eating nothing by McDonald’s food for a month. Crazy? Or crazy like a fox?

Malpractice rules driving new docs from this state

New research proves it: A hostile enough malpractice environment can drive doctors away and impact patient care.

Report: 275k to die due to lack of health insurance

A new report gives hard numbers for the steepest price of all the “costs” discussed in the health reform debate. 

The latest competition: Standalone ERs

Emergency-only medical centers are few and far between, but they’re gaining fans everywhere they open.