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Data breach: Former hospital employee accessed 2,400 patient records

The latest hospital to experience an internal data breach is the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. 

3 ways hospitals can help prevent medical identity theft

Medical identity theft is becoming a big financial danger for patients – and it’s hurting hospitals, too. 

Medical identity theft on the rise: How hospitals can help

Medical identity theft is becoming an increasingly common crime. Here are some of the steps hospitals can take to better protect their patients. 

Top IT investments that cut the costs of cyber attacks

Healthcare providers, like most organizations, have a limited IT budget and can’t always afford to implement all of the security tools and practices they would like. Where should IT departments prioritize? 

Lawmakers: HHS should do more to prevent medical identity theft

Medical identity theft is a serious problem affecting both providers and patients, as more cyber criminals try to steal clinical and insurance data to buy prescription drugs, file false insurance claims and commit other crimes. 

Preventing medical identity theft: How doctors can help

Medical information is one of the most coveted pieces of data for cybercriminals, because medical identity theft is so lucrative. However, many patients aren’t familiar with the threat and aren’t taking steps to prevent it. 

Reduce liability for provider-ID theft

Identity theft can be devastating for physicians and the facilities they work for, consuming significant time and substantial financial resources. 

Stolen medical records one of the most lucrative forms of ID theft

Breaches of patient health data are on the rise, and they’re not likely to slow down, as reports show health information is one of the most lucrative types of data for cybercriminals to steal.

Podiatrist nabbed for fraud after billing double amputee

A Maryland podiatrist has pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft after billing over $1M in false Medicare charges for providing services to a patient with no feet — and after he had already been banned from federal health programs. 

Woman arrested in patient data/identity theft case

U.S. Postal Inspectors arrested a woman accused of stealing data on 4,500 patients from an Alabama hospital.