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Top 10 Healthcare Business & Technology Stories of 2015

2015 was definitely a year full of transitions for hospitals – value-based payments, patient-centered care, ICD-10. And while keeping up with these changes wasn’t easy, a number of facilities have made strides in reducing hospital acquired infections and readmissions. But be prepared, the focus on these issues isn’t going to fade away in 2016. Before we […] [MORE]

Hear ye, hear ye: ICD-10 is finally here

For years and years your facility has been preparing for this day, and it’s finally here! Sure, it’s been delayed a few times, but no more! Today is the day of reckoning – the absolute final ICD-10 deadline! 

Proactive project management: 3 steps hospitals can take now

The changes in the healthcare industry are coming fast and furious, especially with the impending implementation of ICD-10. So now’s the time to get organized in order to keep projects, goals and resources aligned and on budget. In this guest post, Tushar Patel, senior VP of marketing at a cloud portfolio management solutions company, gives hospital executives […] [MORE]

Where ICD-10 may hit your finances hardest

Hospitals are already expecting the transition to ICD-10 to impact their revenue, but one area could be hit especially hard — emergency rooms.

ICD-10 might not have an effect on Medicare reimbursements

A new report says ICD-10 won’t have a huge impact on hospitals’ Medicare payments, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be other financial issues from the transition. 

How ready is your hospital for ICD-10’s financial impact?

Your coders and billers might be prepared for ICD-10, but what about your revenue cycle? 

How hospitals can still leverage ICD-10 delay

A new survey shows that the ICD-10 delay hurt providers’ preparedness for the transition. But there’s still plenty of time to use the delay to your advantage. 

ICD-10: Why the switch could hurt hospital patient safety ratings

ICD-10 implementation will be happening in less than a year – and along with the potential disruption to your hospital’s billing operations, it could also adversely affect your patient safety ratings.

Should your hospital outsource its ICD-10 coding?

Many providers are worried they won’t have the time or ability to manage the transition to ICD-10 well. As a result, a lot of hospitals are planning to outsource their coding needs. But before your facility follows suit, there are some things to consider. 

SGR and ICD-10 postponed: Good news or bad news?

A new law is adding yet another “doc fix” to delay Medicare pay again. Also delayed, for reasons no one really understands, is the ICD-10 start date.