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Could your cancer be diagnosed by your hair stylist?

A bounce in your step and flattering layers aren’t the only benefits you can get from a good hairstylist — he or she may also be able to detect if you have skin cancer. 

Doc and cronies get jail time for Medicare fraud

Three men have been sentenced to 2-3 years in prison each for their part in a Medicare fraud scam.

Hospital’s grisly mix-up sends grieving parents a stranger’s remains

A phone call no hospital administrator wants to make: Telling parents that they just buried a stranger’s remains instead of their child.

Medicare fraud task force expands, nabs $61M in false claims

A federal strike force announced a double-win against Medicare fraudsters:

Is the mob moving into Medicare?

Medicare fraud, a typically non-violent, white collar crime, is turning into a much more dangerous game. And any health care facility is a potential target.