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Hospitals are drowning in data

The data revolution is here, but many healthcare leaders have yet to grasp a key lesson. Data is only as valuable as the decisions and changes it informs. In this guest post Balu Nair, CTO of a healthcare analytics solutions company, reveals mistakes hospitals are making and what they need to do to flourish.

3 keys to boosting physician engagement

Although many hospitals are focusing on how to improve patient engagement, facilities are also having trouble keeping doctors engaged in patient care. A lack of physician engagement can have negative effects on patient outcomes, so it can’t be ignored. 

Hospital budgets: Where’s the money going?

With all the new initiatives from the feds that affect reimbursement, budgeting is more challenging than ever. A new survey sheds some light on what hospital executives are prioritizing in their budgets right now – and where your hospital should be focusing its efforts. 

5 rules hospital decision makers must follow

Hospitals that want to have the most success in the new healthcare climate need leaders with a long-term view of their operations. This view is critical for healthcare executives to make informed decisions that’ll ensure their facilities’ success.