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Keys to better patient discharge summaries

There’s more evidence that the hospital discharge process plays a big role in patient outcomes – and for some hospitals, it’s a big problem.

Prevent hospital readmissions in patients discharged to SNFs

Hospital patients aren’t always discharged to their homes. This is particularly true for older patients, who may be sent to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) after a hospital stay. But these patients have a fairly high risk of being readmitted to the hospital.

Why assessing patients’ health literacy may improve discharge process

For a smoother patient recovery post-discharge (and to reduce the chance of readmission), it’s helpful to cater discharge instructions to each patient’s level of basic health literacy.

Hospitals work with pharmacies to reduce medication errors, readmissions

Hospitals looking to reduce the risk of readmissions among patients may have found another ally – the pharmacy where a patient gets medications after being discharged.