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Study: Marginalized groups at greater risk for readmission, ED visits

Once patients leave your hospital, you know all too well that it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t return to your facility. When patients are discharged and moved to home health care, for example, there’s always a chance they’ll be readmitted or visit the emergency department (ED). 

Does higher use of post-acute care lead to higher readmission rates?

Could how often a hospital uses post-acute care affect its readmission rates? According to a new study the answer is yes, and it’s not for the better. 

Study: Hospital at home program benefits patients while keeping costs low

To stay competitive in the current healthcare climate, hospitals must be willing to think differently when it comes to patient care – perhaps by taking inspiration from the “house calls” of days gone by.

Want the most depressing job? Work in health care!

Who’s got the most depressing job in the world? It might be you.

Home health care services reduce hospital spending

A new study confirms it: More extensive use of home health care services could slash hospital spending by billions each year.