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Keeping HIV transmission rates low for new moms & babies

Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day, designed to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. And since the day was first created in 1988, hospitals have come a long way with preventing the transmission of HIV between new mothers and their babies. 

CDC: Only one-fourth of HIV patients get optimal treatment

According to a new CDC report, only about one-fourth of Americans infected with HIV are getting the recommended course of treatment to give them the best shot at maximizing their life expectancy.

Toddler pricked by contaminated needles left on clinic floor

Apparently, leaving a bio hazard bin with a broken top on the floor of an exam room is a bad idea.

Improper equipment cleaning exposes 1,800 veterans to disease

HIV and hepatitis are just some of the diseases that may have been passed on to several hundred ex-soldiers by unclean dental equipment.

Med students used single-use needle on multiple patients

It doesn’t seem as if you need to be highly trained to know that re-using a single-use blood testing device is a bad idea. But these students thought it was A-Ok.

Is hassle of paperwork hurting your safety program?

Bad news for doctors and patients: A recent study of just-out-of-school doctors shows some disturbing patterns in their willingness to follow basic procedures.