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Are patient portals effective at engaging patients?

A new survey shows patient engagement will be a major issue for hospital leaders. But another recent study shows getting patients involved in their care will take more than just a patient portal. 

Protect your hospital from security threats caused by mobile devices

Hospitals are taking some big risks when it comes to IT security, particularly when it comes to staffers’ use of mobile devices.

8 rules your EHR vendor should follow

Several recent reports show that a lot of healthcare organizations are getting fed up with their EHR systems and vendors. One industry group has laid out some ground rules that may help turn things around. 

Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform: What it means for health IT

After a long wait, the Supreme Court’s verdict is in: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is constitutional. 

Staffing shortages: The biggest obstacle to health IT adoption

Though healthcare organizations see value in technology, many aren’t able to implement health IT as much as they would like. The biggest reason? Hint: It’s not a lack of funding. 

The health IT security mistake many organizations make

A recent survey shows that while most healthcare organizations are doing a good job protecting the security of electronic patient information, there are still some that lag behind.