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Controversy: Docs argue active alcoholics should be on transplant lists

A group of doctors is advocating allowing alcoholics to get liver transplants even if they can’t prove that they can stay sober for six months.

Some parents opt for ‘chicken pox pops’ over vaccines

A federal prosecutor has issued a warning that buying lollipops laced with chicken pox is illegal. Most people would add that it’s also a terribly dumb thing to do.

Christmas mass is ground zero for hep A outbreak

A local health department is warning one church’s parishioners that their communion wafers may have been come with exposure to hepatitis A.

Dirty endoscope puts 75 patients at risk

An endoscope that wasn’t properly disinfected was used on 75 patients — and now they’re being asked to return to the hospital to ensure they haven’t contracted hepatitis or another infection.

Toddler pricked by contaminated needles left on clinic floor

Apparently, leaving a bio hazard bin with a broken top on the floor of an exam room is a bad idea.

Is hassle of paperwork hurting your safety program?

Bad news for doctors and patients: A recent study of just-out-of-school doctors shows some disturbing patterns in their willingness to follow basic procedures.