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Social factors affect readmissions for 3 conditions in hospitals

Pneumonia, heart failure and heart attacks are three of the top conditions Medicare’s evaluating to judge hospitals based on 30-day readmission rates. Although there are several aspects of treating patients for these illnesses hospitals can influence, there are other factors outside of a facility’s control. So hospitals may have to look deeper to make significant […] [MORE]

Heart attacks: Boosting patients’ chances of survival

Heart attack survival rates are one of the key metrics the feds are watching for hospitals. And with new research suggesting that elderly patients are more likely to survive heart attacks when treated at some facilities instead of others, it’s important for hospitals to make sure they’re among the top performers with outcomes after heart […] [MORE]

Adverse events declining for patients, but there’s still a way to go

A recent study offers hospitals some good news about patient safety: Rates of adverse events for patients with certain conditions are on the decline.

Foreign-trained docs: Does the care they provide measure up?

Patients (and let’s be honest, some health care pros) worry that physicians trained overseas may not provide the same level of care as U.S.-trained docs. Should they be concerned?

Hospital vows to retrain staff, revise policies after patient dies in waiting room

Emergency department staff who didn’t know — or didn’t follow — standard procedure were found responsible for the loss of a patient.

Senate report raises questions about FDA after-market review

A new report from the Senate Finance Committee highlights a potential conflict of interest within the FDA — and the safety of one of the world’s top-selling medications.

Study sheds light on why women ignore heart attack symptoms

Here’s a scary statistic: Only 53% of women would call 911 if they had symptoms of a heart attack.

The latest competition: Standalone ERs

Emergency-only medical centers are few and far between, but they’re gaining fans everywhere they open.