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Senate debates ACA repeal: Latest developments for hospitals

The roller coaster ride that’s the Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal continues. After several different attempts at repeal failed to advance, the Senate finally got enough support to bring an actual ACA repeal discussion to the table. But for hospitals and other healthcare stakeholders, the path from here remains unclear. 

Latest on ACA replacement & how it’ll impact hospitals

For the past few months, hospitals have been on edge wondering about the new Republican-designed replacement for healthcare reform and how it would affect their bottom line. The new legislation’s recently been released, and if it’s passed as written, hospitals may have to deal with some changes to their budgets. 

Hospitals report high profits: Why this may not last

Good news for hospitals on the financial front: Because of the Affordable Care Act, business is growing for facilities, with more patients who have insurance from the healthcare exchanges coming in for treatment. 

Top financial challenges in health care

Every day, it becomes more challenging for hospitals to survive in the current healthcare climate, particularly regarding financial matters. It’s tough to find the money to fund care quality initiatives and other improvements while staying afloat. 

Hospital prices, mergers come under fire in new report

There’s more scrutiny coming about the prices facilities charge patients for services – and new research challenges some fairly common assumptions about what really drives hospital prices. 

Healthcare reform: Current impact on hospitals

Most hospitals know healthcare reform has been a mixed bag. While it’s helped facilities in many ways, it’s also placed unprecedented scrutiny on how they deliver care. Now there’s news confirming these mixed results will continue, at least for the immediate future. 

Supreme Court rules in favor of health reform law

Here’s some good news for hospitals, particularly those that treat many Medicaid patients, or patients with healthcare exchange plans: The Supreme Court just ruled in favor of keeping federal subsidies for health insurance intact.  

Healthcare reform may hurt hospitals’ profits

It’s been said that the expansion of Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act has helped hospitals improve their bottom lines. But a new analysis suggests that healthcare reform may not be as beneficial as it seems to hospitals’ financial picture. 

Loss of ACA subsidies could affect hospitals’ bottom line

Hospitals have had to weather many changes due to healthcare reform. Now, a case being argued before the Supreme Court may alter one of the key features of the Affordable Care Act (ACA): healthcare subsidies. And the changes could have a drastic effect on how hospitals do business.

Survey: Hospital execs have a bright view of the future of health care

Wondering what other healthcare execs are thinking about the effects of healthcare reform on the future of hospitals? Many are surprisingly optimistic.