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Remote patient monitoring: Impacting and improving post-hospital care

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services project healthcare spending, on average, will rise 5.5% annually until 2026. Something needs to be done, and one possible aid is remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology. In this guest post, Jiang Li, founder and CEO of a provider of connected healthcare solutions for wellness, patient care and telemedicine, […] [MORE]

ICU isn’t always best bet for patients

Figuring out ways to cut healthcare costs is crucial for hospitals, since pressure to reduce expenses has been increasing from both payors and the feds. Because of this scrutiny, hospitals must be careful that the care patients receive is appropriate for their health conditions. 

Unique approach to cut healthcare costs: Hospital pays for patient housing

Some hospitals are thinking outside the box to control healthcare costs in the emergency department, particularly for disadvantaged patients who count as “superutilizers” – patients who make multiple visits to the hospital each month for minor issues. One facility’s solution aims to improve patients’ health by improving their socioeconomic standing. 

Most expensive conditions to treat in hospitals: How to respond

In the wake of healthcare reform, healthcare costs are still being closely scrutinized – especially the price tag for hospital stays. A new report sheds light on which conditions and illnesses are the most expensive for hospitals to treat. 

Cutting ED use: One hospital’s success story

It can be tough for hospitals to control unnecessary emergency department use, particularly with disadvantaged or underinsured patients. But one hospital is trying a different approach to decrease the chances these patients will visit the ED for minor illnesses. 

3 keys to attracting millennial patients

Millennials are shaping up to be significant healthcare consumers, so hospitals that want their business need to be prepared to address their unique needs.

3 ways hospitals can reduce patients’ sticker shock

Thanks to Obamacare, the rate of uninsured Americans has dropped. But a new study shows the number of patients putting off care due to costs has actually gone up. 

One hospital’s approach to saving costs when treating mentally ill patients

Hospitals across the country are taking steps to control one costly aspect of care: treating mentally ill patients in the emergency department.

5 steps hospitals can take to reduce costs for prescription drugs

Saving costs at your hospital could be as simple as creating benchmarks for common expenses, including prescription drugs.

A unique approach to improving patient flow in hospitals

Hospitals have tried many tactics to limit patient overcrowding and improve patient flow, including the use of mandated nurse-to-patient ratios. But there’s one strategy hospitals can try that doesn’t require the added cost of hiring extra staff.