Healthcare News & Insights

Pay a lot more, get less: What’s happening to health insurance?

A new report puts hard numbers to just how crunched the average worker is by the rising costs of health insurance. 

Walgreens to start selling health insurance

The nationwide drugstore chain is considering entering the insurance market, according to a new report in the Chicago Tribune.

States creating their own single-payer systems while feds fight out reform details

While the feds continue to figure out how to interpret the health care reform law they’ve already passed, some states are taking the matter into their own hands.

Health reform: We don’t like it, won’t repeal it and don’t understand it

One year after a much-debated health reform law finally was signed by the President, the country remains sharply divided over it.

Boston hospital announces first ever full face transplant

Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Boston has announced another medical milestone: The nation’s first full-face transplant.

More than 1 in 5 think health reform was repealed

Here’s more evidence the general public is confused about just where health reform stands.

Report: Half of Americans under 65 have pre-existing conditions

Up to 129 million Americans under the age of 65 have medical conditions that would trigger higher prices — or outright rejection — if they had to seek individual health insurance.

Report: Nursing will have to change to keep up with health reform

A  new report says that as health reform changes the way medicine is practiced in the U.S., what nurses do — and how they are trained to do it — must change in order to keep up.

Study: Defensive medicine costs less than thought

There’s no denying that physicians practicing defensive medicine add to overall health costs. The question is: How much?

Opposition to health reform fades

The latest Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows approval of the law is at its highest since it was passed.