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How your competitors are attracting health IT pros

Bringing in top IT talent could be a challenge for hospitals, as many different types of organizations are trying to hire additional tech workers. 

Health IT skills shortage threatening important projects

Many hospitals are concerned about finding qualified job applicants with the right health IT skills. Here’s how they’re changing their recruiting approaches to land top talent. 

3 ways to overcome understaffing and keep patient data secure

As more patient information goes digital, healthcare providers need to focus more on IT security. But there’s one big obstacle in the way: understaffing in the IT department. 

5 common health IT hiring mistakes providers must avoid

Organizations are currently seeing a shortage of health IT talent, and hospitals can’t afford to make these common IT hiring mistakes.

How to win the war for health IT talent

As we’ve reported earlier, many health IT jobs are available and competition for talent is steep. What can organizations do to set themselves apart? 

4 ways to keep staffing shortages from threatening health IT projects

With rising adoption rates for electronic health records and other technology, health IT pros are in high demand. That’s great for people with skills and experience in health tech, but hospitals and providers have a problem: There aren’t many qualified applicants for health IT jobs out there. 

Federal grant will help train health IT workers

As healthcare organizations struggle to find qualified IT pros to help with implementation and support, the government has announced a new grant program to help train tech workers in high-need areas. 

Report: Plenty of jobs available for those with EHR skills

While the overall job market isn’t so hot, job seekers possessing skills and experience with electronic health record (EHR) systems are finding themselves in high demand. 

New site aims to help fill health IT jobs

A new website is trying to help providers find consultants and contractors to hire for health IT jobs. 

15 healthcare organizations make list of top IT employers

IT pros are in better shape than many other employees in this job market, and that’s especially the case for those in health IT.