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Emergency room diagnosis tied to payments: Why the model is flawed

Many insurance companies are cutting payments to hospitals for treating patients in the emergency department (ED) for what are considered “non-emergency” diagnoses. But a new study indicates this approach may be a bit flawed.

Hospitals rack up billions in uncompensated care costs

Although uncompensated care costs in hospitals have remained relatively stable over the years, they still represent a significant portion of healthcare costs, according to the American Hospital Association (AHA).

Health care costs pushing more into poverty levels

The fast-rising cost of even basic health care is straining families’ budgets — and is a major factor in pushing some households into de facto poverty.

5 top ways hospitals are cutting costs

Reducing health care costs is going to take a multi-prong approach. Here are the top five ways the industry is expected to respond.

Medicare costs slowing — but still growing

While health care costs continue to rise, across the board those increases are happening at a much slower pace.

The real cost of obesity: Higher than we thought

The most recent research indicates that the true cost of obesity to the health care system has been  underestimated.

Patients: ‘In health care, more is always better’

“Evidence-based” and “cost-effective” are generally considered to be positive attributes in health care — unless you’re talking to patients.

How much would a consult with Dr. House cost?

He always gets the right diagnosis (eventually) but how much would a trip to TV’s House actually cost in real life?

Patients who check out against medical advice cost hospitals more

Patients who leave the hospital without a doctor’s OK aren’t just putting themselves at risk, they’re raising the cost of care.

Do lower costs = lower quality of care?

It’s a question of utmost importance as the country debates what the health care system should look like: Do hospitals that spend less do so at the risk of providing poorer care?