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Survey: Hospital execs have a bright view of the future of health care

Wondering what other healthcare execs are thinking about the effects of healthcare reform on the future of hospitals? Many are surprisingly optimistic.

Patient-centered care: Healthcare CEOs share what works

Running a hospital nowadays isn’t easy, especially when payments are tied to performance measures and patient satisfaction scores. That’s why patient-centered care has taken center stage in many of the top-performing healthcare entities.

EHRs lead docs to request more expensive tests

One of the big benefits of electronic health records is that they save money in the long-term. Except that they may not.

Health exchange report: A look at opportunities and challenges

The state health insurance exchanges mandated by The Affordable Care Act present both  opportunities for improved care and serious challenges in how to actually operate them.

Is the nursing shortage almost over?

There may be light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the nursing shortage.

Are 90% of medical errors unreported?

New research indicates medical errors may happen 10 times as often as was once believed.

Why women pay more for health care

Women pay an average of one-third more for health care, according to a new study. The real question is: Why?

Study: Defensive medicine costs less than thought

There’s no denying that physicians practicing defensive medicine add to overall health costs. The question is: How much?

Waste in health care: Where does it start?

For a variety of reasons, many patients seek wasteful, too-expensive care in ways that hurt every part of the system — health care providers, insurers and patients.

Patients: ‘In health care, more is always better’

“Evidence-based” and “cost-effective” are generally considered to be positive attributes in health care — unless you’re talking to patients.